Saturday, March 28, 2009

Still raining but...

Sam in his "new" raincoat we got from the local Free Cycle.

Indoor Farmer's Market

We had a great morning. Sam woke up at 9:00 am!!! There was a time in my life when that would have been really early for a Saturday but, as anyone with a toddler can tell you, 9:00 is late and it was so nice to wake up before Sam and lie in bed listening to him babble on the monitor.

So, we ate breakfast and got on the road to do some errands. Even though I work for myself and can pretty much take off any day, there is still something special about Saturday and Sunday. So, despite the rain we had a lot of fun driving around singing to The White Album and watching Sam do his groovy head-bob to the music.

We stopped at the indoor year-round Farmer's Market which is filled with local produce and tons of homemade local jams and jellies. Yum! Sam loved it because it's so big and open.

We just finished lunch and now we're winding things down getting ready for Sam's nap. It's such a good day to nap but I think I'll try to get some work done. Daily drawing will be posted soon.

Have a great weekend.

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Christophe said...

9.00 am!!! wow.. I was up at 5.00 am this morning!
Not because of the children though, just still jet lagged!
Have a nice weekend too Melissa! It is sunny here in New York :D