Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two New Places to Buy My Prints

I am so pleased to announce that Wild Card in Pittsburgh and Wholly Craft in Columbus, OH are now carrying my prints. If you live in either of these areas please check out these stores. They look really great.

Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Paintings! New Style!

tentacle on African Mahogany

flower on Purpleheart wood

jellyfish flower on African Padauk

fiddlehead on Canarywood

dandelion on Bubinga wood

tree on Sapele wood

flower on African Mahogany

dotted flower on Purpleheart wood (this wood is a gorgeous deep violet color but it will eventually turn more brown)

mushroom on African Mahogany

fern on Sapele wood

I am very excited to release these new paintings. I've been wanting to do something new for a while but that's easier said than done. Then I discovered a local place (Cormark International) that sells exotic hardwood and I fell in love. The first time I went I only bought 3 pieces and once I started staining them I knew I would go back. This wood is unbelievably gorgeous and just comes alive when it's stained. I used a clear stain so I wouldn't interfere with the natural color of the wood. The next time I went back the owner took me to another warehouse where he showed me even more amazing wood...Pink Ivory, Zebrawood, Olivewood. I know I'll go back for more.

All of the pieces are painted with white only. This was very challenging for me since color is so much a part of what I do. But I didn't want any color competing with the natural beauty of this wood. So I used transparent and opaque white for the shading and let the color of the wood come through for contrast. So. Much. Fun. I absolutely loved doing these and have gotten used to seeing them on my white fireplace. I hope you enjoy them too. I might start going bigger after these. After all of my 4" x 4" the last couple of years I am really itching to get back to bigger pieces.

I really needed this change of pace. I was stuck in a rut with my little creatures. I'm not saying that I won't paint them again but they are definitely on vacation for now.

Click here to see available paintings in my Etsy shop.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

So sorry I didn't post this yesterday but the winner of my Mother's Day Giveaway is...Kirin! Congratulations, Kirin! My mom just picked your name out of the hat. We've been having a great time with my mom. We just got back from visiting the Biltmore Estate which is beautiful, especially the grounds. Sam did a great job, even on the tour, but he did ask when we were in one of the bedrooms "Isn't there a pillow I can play with or something?"

So, Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Your comments were so much fun to read and very touching.

p.s. Kirin - please just make a comment with your email and I will email you to get your address and the 2 prints that you want.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway

"tiny sprout of mine"

I'm having another giveaway for Mother's Day! I am so fortunate to have an amazing mom AND an amazing son so Mother's Day is very special to me. All you have to do to enter is write a comment on this post either about your own mother or what being a mother means to you. I did this last year and it was so touching to read the comments. The winner will receive 2 free prints from my 2010 Mother's Day collection.

My mom is coming to visit for Mother's Day so I will have her pick the winner's name out of a hat. The winner will be announced on, of course, Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Week!