Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We had a great day yesterday. Ian's first father's day! Sam gave Ian a toy guitar so they can jam together. Love, love, love them both!

Radiohead Music Contest - Update

Well, the 3 Golden Ticket winners were announced today and sadly, our video did not get in. Tom Bruno, Jr. and his team (Nick, Chris, Andrew & Krystal) did such an amazing job making my creatures come to life. Thank you all SO much. I know it was a lot of work and I really appreciate it. I just love what you did.

And thanks so much to all of you out there who viewed and rated the first draft of the video. You probably haven't seen the 2nd version where my painting "lura" (above) was brought to life. Click here to see the 2nd version of the video that was submitted. And click here for just the "lura" portion of it. I think it's amazing.

Thanks again!