Friday, October 29, 2010

2011Calendars are Here!

I finished with these a little early this year so I thought I'd go ahead and release them. This is a limited edition of only 60 calendars and they always sell out so get one while you can. They make great gifts.

Also, stay tuned...I will be having a huge pre-holiday sale on original paintings next week.

Purchase calendars here.

Have a good weekend.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Dry Goods Shop

This is what the store front used to look like.

I am a bit late on this but wanted to post it anyway. My prints can now be found at The Dry Goods Shop in West Asheville (right down the street from where I live). When we moved here 2 years ago we would drive by this store front all the time and wonder about it. It was called Meadows Dry Goods & Shoes. There was stuff inside but it looked like no one had been there in years. Like one day someone just said "I've had it with this Dry Goods store," and up and left. But then Leigh Anne Hilbert fell in love with the building and opened up her own Dry Goods Shop which features indie designers. You can find great clothing, jewelry and art. Leigh Anne is now a friend of mine and it's great being able to pop in and say hi when I'm out walking with Sam. If you live in Asheville, please check it out.

Happy Friday everyone!! My mom is coming this weekend so we are in deep cleaning mode. The weather is gorgeous. Just a slight crispness to the air and I am loving it. I'm ready to put the shorts and Teva's away.