Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy in Vermont

Gorgeous Green

The trees in Vermont were amazing. Mostly green but just starting to turn. I miss the color green. Everything is so brown here. We don't realize until we go East. Felt inspired to paint surrounded by all that green.

Sam's First Swim

Sam went swimming for the first time in Vermont. He pretty much reacted to the pool as he does to the bath. Didn't cry but didn't smile either. And he's usually pretty good about letting us know when he's unhappy. He's definitely taking it all in. So observant and patient.

Our Trip to Vermont: The Flight

Ian and Sam and I just got back from our week long trip to Vermont to visit Ian's family. We had a wonderful time. I was pretty nervous about traveling with Sam but he was great. On our first flight to JFK he was in such a good mood. Looking around and taking it all in. Didn't cry at all. But on our connecting flight to Burlington he had had enough. He pretty much screamed the entire descent and we became those people with the screaming baby. It's what I worried about the most. But really all that mattered was that Sam was unhappy. And now I've had that moment and know that, while not fun, it wasn't the end of the world. He was just expressing exactly what we were feeling..."I want out!"

Once we got to our hotel in Burlington, took him out of the car seat and laid him on the bed he was so happy. Once again, expressing what we were feeling..."Finally, we made it!" If it were socially acceptable to scream and cry we would have been doing that on that last flight too.