Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goodbye Los Angeles!

Well, the time has come for us to leave Los Angeles. We visited Asheville, NC (see photo above of Sam & Ian) about a month ago and fell in the love with the small hippie town. It seems like the perfect fit for us. Very beautiful and quiet with tons of art and music and organic food. And affordable houses!

And now that we know we're leaving (at the end of August) it can't come soon enough for me. Not only did we have an earthquake yesterday (not a big one but enough to get my heart pounding) we were awakened last night at midnight by a police helicopter surrounding our neighborhood. For those of you who live in LA this has probably happened to you too. For the rest of you let me just say that it is a very disconcerting experience. You feel like you're under attack. Most of the time they just circle for a while and then go away. But last night it was a full hour and at one point we heard "We have you surrounded...come out with your hands up!" Seriously.

So, it's time to move on. I'm going to miss my amazing friends here so much. I can't even think about that right now. But I'm very excited about our new adventure. It will be a great place to raise Sam.

Stay tuned. We're trying to buy a used laptop so that we can blog on our cross-country road trip getting out there.