Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daily Drawing - "spring? is it you?"

my inspiration

I very rarely use color in my ink drawings mostly because the micron pens that I use come in really blah colors. But I was so inspired yesterday on my walk with Sam by all the beautiful trees just starting to bloom. The trees look almost dead except for these tiny & gorgeous pink blooms. So, I decided to get out the only pink marker that I had and add a little color to this one. Above is the drawing and my inspiration.

The drawing was sold to my dear friend Marisa.

Have a wonderful day!


Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

I love this one soooo much. I had to buy it!!!


Melissa said...

Oh, thanks Marisa! I'll send it out tomorrow.


Jen Stach said...

Darn- somebody beat me to it! I love this, Melissa- a departure for you with PINK, of all colors. :-) After this winter, the spring blossoms really spoke to me.

Love the daily drawings- keep up the hard work.


Little Brown Rabbit said...

This one is so gorgeous- I'd love to see more of these with a splash of colour :)

~Valentina~ said...

I love it! Sure Spring is going to inspire you to use a little of color here and there :)