Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Congratulations to my dear friend Cathy Nichols!

I bought this print on wood of Cathy's for my mom. 

My dear friend Cathy Nichols will now be represented by LaMantia Fine Arts. Her work is gorgeous and she totally deserves this. Her work will no longer be available on Etsy or her site but you will be soon be able to purchase hand-embellished limited-edition giclee prints through LaMantia. I can't wait to see her new work and  wish her all the best.

You can also see her lovely work on handbags at Sherpani.

Congratulations, Cathy!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Prints

"nested" - eggshell
"nested" - olive
"nested" - teal
"rooted" - spring green
"rooted" - lavender
"I love you, I hate you" - avocado

"I love you, I hate you" - steel blue

"I miss you" - mustard

"I miss you" - rose

I have just released 9 new prints. These are prints of original ink on paper drawings that have been digitally colored.

You can check out the prints here.

I can also change the color combinations. If you like the image but want a different color combination, just let me know.

New Year's Sale

Happy New Year!!  I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. We had a wonderful time. Very relaxing, stayed in jammies for most of the week. But now it's time to get back to work. Starting to sketch for Valentine's Day.  A couple of items are now on sale...

My mini paintings are now on sale for only $35 each and my holiday drawing ornaments are now 1/2 off ($10 each).

Also, there are only 5 limited-edition calendars left so get one while you can.

Happy 2012!