Friday, March 27, 2015

New painting for Wonderland show at ZaPow Gallery

The next Zapow show is going to be awesome. Each artist at Zapow was assigned a portion of text from either "Alice in Wonderland" or "Through the Looking Glass" and their painting was to be based on that text. Here is a portion of the text that I was assigned, and my painting titled "ditto".
"I know they're talking nonsense," Alice thought to herself: "and it's foolish to cry about it." So she brushed away her tears, and went on as cheerfully as she could. "At any rate I'd better be getting out of the wood, for really it's coming on very dark. Do you think it's going to rain?"
Tweedledum spread a large umbrella over himself and his brother, and looked up into it. "No, I don't think it is," he said: "at least--not under HERE. Nohow."
"But it may rain OUTSIDE?"
"It may--if it chooses," said Tweedledee: "we've no objection. Contrariwise."
Show opens April 4th at ZaPow! Reception 7:00-9:00 pm.