Monday, April 13, 2009

Daily Drawing - "fine and dandy"

"fine and dandy"

Gloomy day. Seems like it rains A LOT here but I think coming from LA any amount of rain is a lot. But the good thing about that is the gorgeous green popping up and everything seems to be blooming. We bought our house in October of last year so seeing the trees and plants around our house bloom is really exciting. We didn't really know what was there. There is a Dogwood tree right outside one of our windows that is starting to bloom with tiny rose-colored flowers. Each time I look out that window it's like a perfectly framed image of Spring.

Today's drawing seemed appropriate because we also have Dandelions all over our yard. My husband and I have never done any gardening so our lawn desperately needs to be cut and we have a lot of what we think are weeds but we aren't really sure. A whole new learning experience for both of us. But an exciting one.

As always the drawing is available at my shop.

Happy Gloomy Monday!

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Little Brown Rabbit said...

You should visit me in England where the sun is always an unexpected lovely surprise! Hee Hee!
Lovely drawing today.
Em x