Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Exotic Hardwood Paintings

dotted tree on Sapele

flower on African Mahogany

dandy on African Mahogany

I've finished 3 more paintings on that gorgeous exotic hardwood. That's it for my hardwood supply. These are so gratifying to paint for me. So simple and clean.

I have also been furiously painting some new pieces just in time for the holidays. These are VERY different from my other stuff and I'm really excited about them. They will be released on or before this Thursday.

Hardwood paintings are available here.

Back to painting...


Anonymous said...

Hi! These are beautiful. White paint is my favorite to work with and it's amazing how limiting the palette to only white can have such nice results.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Oh, I guess my blogger ID belongs to my daughter, Zoe. =) But the comment was left by Jennifer Finn

Dyche Designs said...

Those look beautiful.

Elisheva said...

lovely work Melissa!!! The wood is very beautiful. I imagine it must be lovely to work on, such a natural and interesting material. You are keeping busy: ) x