Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Grand Canyon & Moab, Utah

We got up bright and early and were on the road by 8:00. We went to the Grand Canyon before we left and it was even more amazing in the morning light. We had a LONG day of driving through Northern Arizona and Utah. Gorgeous scenery. Amazing red rocks and desert. So beautiful. Tomorrow we're headed out to Denver which will be another long day.

Sam is doing great in the car. He mostly reads his books and but also plays with a pair of fake glasses that we found. He's probably imitating us with our glasses. When he gets fussy we put on this CD that his Aunt Jen gave him. It's from a Music Together class and can get pretty annoying (for us) but it instantly calms Sam down and he usually falls asleep soon after the CD is popped in. The songs really get stuck in your head, unfortunately.

So, we're in Moab, UT now. Sam is asleep and Ian is picking up food. We've been going to bed around 9:30. Amazing how sitting on our butts all day long can be so exhausting.

More tomorrow...


Aunt Jen said...

Hi guys! Glad to hear that all is going well, and glad the MT CD is helping Sammy. (Sorry about the mind-numbing factor, but if Sammy likes it, well. . . )

Keep in touch, and WE LOVE YOU!!!

Jen, Cory, Connor and Baby Donut

Anonymous said...

Hey Melis,
Love reading your travel diary! I knew you'd love the Grand Canyon. What a magical place. Looks like you are enjoying the trip. I see they painted your house before you left! :) Figures! Soon you'll be on the east coast and closer to me! Safe travels. Love you. T