Monday, September 8, 2008

Laramie to Omaha

A stop along the way on our scenic drive near Centennial.

Sammy walking with Ian. This is the first time Sam's been bundled up like this. So cute.

Gorgeous. I swear these are not scans of postcards.

Tony at the ranch.

Sammy & Papa checking out the view.

View from the ranch. Breathtaking.

Paige, Tony, Al & Peg

Paige at her soccer game.

We're in Omaha tonight. We left Laramie this morning and drove about 7 hours to get here. I have to say the drive wasn't nearly as interesting as the drives have been up to now. Nebraska is very beautiful but it doesn't change too much. So we don't have any pics of today.

Yesterday was a great day in Laramie. We went to Paige's soccer game (they won!) and then my cousin Al took us on a scenic drive around Laramie & Centennial. They have some land there with a gorgeous view just waiting for their cabin. It was breathtaking.

We ate Mexican food last night and played Spades with Tony & Paige. Thank you Allen, Peg, Paige & Tony for welcoming us into your home and for an amazing time. We'll miss you!


outi harma said...

Hi Guys,
it's beautiful there!
I love to follow your blog and see where you are now!

Cathy said...

I love following your journey, too. It looks so fresh and fall-like where you've been traveling. Big hugs!!xo cathy