Saturday, August 23, 2008

more goodbyes...

I've said goodbye to some amazing people this week. Ugh. It gets harder and harder as we get closer to moving. Salvation Army came today to pick up a lot of furniture so our place officially looks like we're moving (well, the half-packed boxes help too). There's an echo in here now. But Sam loves the open space as he is really walking now.

I saw Nathan Cartwright of The Hive this week. I pretty much owe my career to him. He put me in my first show at The Hangar and then gave me a solo show at The Hive. Thanks so much, Nathan, for believing in me.

I also said goodbye to 2 dear friends, Marisa & Outi (pictured above). We've shared so much together on our girl's nights and I'm going to miss them terribly. Love you girls!

And last night I said goodbye to my friend Joe who I've known for almost 20 years. We've lived in Chicago, New York and LA together. Not sure if he'll it make it to Asheville but my fingers are crossed. Love you, Joe.

One more week to go and we're on the road. Yippeeee!!


outi harma said...

I am going to miss you Melissa!
I am so greatful for all the good times we have had!

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

Love YOU!