Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Framed Pen & Acrylic Drawings

"always with you"

"I'm yours"

"don't want to do anything without you"

"because you laugh at all my jokes"

"so happy here with you"

"love, love, love you"


Just in time for Valentine's Day! New medium, new drawings. I have always loved drawing. But I also love color and, in the past, would start to miss color when I would draw. Well, now I have combined the two. I loved doing these. It's always fun to do new things. And I have more to come so...stay tuned.

All drawings are framed. Frames are 10" x 10" and the image size is 5" x 5". Drawings are titled and signed on the front of the mat.

Click HERE to view or purchase original drawings.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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