Monday, August 20, 2012

Solo Show in Hong Kong: love ~ found & lost

1. "love at first giggle"
2. "where you go I go"
3. "our own little world"
4. "I miss us"
5. "the saddest day"
6. "I just want to hear your voice one more time"
7. "dream a dream of you"
8. "letting go"
I  am very excited to post these paintings for my solo show at Petit Morpho in Hong Kong. The show opens September 1st and goes through the month of September. The title of the show is "love ~ found & lost" and the inspiration for these paintings comes from my dear friend, Joe Kimberling, who passed away in March of this year. The paintings are in chronological order (1-8) starting with when Joe and I met, exploring NYC together, moving to Los Angeles, his death, grieving for Joe, and finally, moving forward.

Joe and I met in Chicago when we were both in our twenties and we became instant best friends. We lived in NYC and Los Angeles at the same time also. He was one of the funniest and silliest people I have ever met. We had the same sense of humor, and shared the same appreciation for how strange and absurd life in a big city can be. He was a brilliant art director and designer and he introduced me to the work of many  artists and illustrators. When I decided to leave my career in publishing and become an artist, his words of encouragement and praise sustained me. While working on these pieces I reflected back on our relationship...I talked to Joe. I laughed with him. I listened to music that we both loved. And I cried...a lot. But mostly, I remembered him, and us. I miss him terribly and the overwhelming grief still hits me at unexpected times. But working on these pieces helped me to remember Joe and all the beautiful moments we shared. 

I wanted these paintings to look different from the rest of my work. The ideas for them came quickly and I loved painting them. I worked with acrylic glazes on wood to create textured and layered backgrounds. I loved the challenge of creating something new, for Joe.  I miss you and love you, Joe!

Prints of these paintings are available at my Etsy shop. If you interested in purchasing one of the originals please contact petit morpho. You can click on the above images to get a larger view. 


Unknown said...

oh I just love these melissa. the paintings and the love for joe expressed through them. beautiful

Unknown said...

the comment above is from Marisa :)

amberLuisa said...

I love them all! Especially our own little world. What a beautiful journey and gorgeous painting.

Little Brown Rabbit said...

These are beautiful paintings Melissa & I find them & your journey very moving. x

ashleigh said...

These are very moving! I'm so happy that my Uncle Joe was such an inspiration in so many people's lives. Miss him soooooo much!

ashleigh said...

These are very moving! I'm so happy that my Uncle Joe was such an inspiration in so many people's lives. Miss him soooooo much!

Barbara said...

these paintings are absolutely awesome and the story of you and your friend is touching my heart deeply. Good luck with your show, congratulations!!!