Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Originals on Exotic Hardwood


"waiting to fly"

"nothing better"

"solo mission"

I've pretty much taken the summer off. We had a huge landscaping project in our backyard and it took up ALL of my time and energy. But now that it's complete (I will post pics soon) I wanted to get a little painting in before I leave for vacation. Yay! We're going to Lake Champlain in Vermont. Can't wait to swim everyday and relax. Now I can feel good about doing nothing because I actually got some paintings finished.

I bought the wood for these pieces a few months ago. Walking into Cormack International is heaven for me. There are so many choices of gorgeous wood to choose from. But I fell in love with these.

Hope you are all having a great summer!

Click here to purchase originals.


outi harma said...

Love them! Have great time at the lake...swimming everyday sounds so goooood! Xo

Anonymous said...

beautiful and awesome. i love solo mission. going to get for sure!

Megan Lee said...

Love the color of the wood with the crisp white paint! My favorite is "waiting to fly" It's lovely.

One Woman's Thoughts said...

the contrast between light and dark. Beautiful.