Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Drawings on Etsy

"is this happiness?"
"where do I belong?"
"strange connection"

Well, these drawings aren't really new. I just kind of forgot about them. I got out my sketchbook tonight and there they were. I did them a while ago, maybe when I was doing my daily drawings...anyway, here they are.

We've been having a wonderful, snowy (and snotty) holiday week. We got Sam a drum set for xmas and it's been wonderful to see him go to town. Also, pretty painful on our poor eardrums. (Toddler Protective Earmuffs are on their way from Amazon!)

I'm also obsessed with Coconut Records which is Jason Schwartzman's band. This was a gift from my hubby and it is fantastic. I cannot stop listening to it.

The drawings are available at my Etsy shop.

Happy New Year!!


Cathy Nichols Art said...

These are wonderful drawing, Melissa. I am constantly in awe of your title-making abilities and wit. Are Toddler Protective Earmuffs for real?! I wore a set of gigantic headphones the first summer we took Annabelle to France. Saved my sanity. :) Happy New Year!

Jeff Puccini said...

I like your artwork, and your profile story!
(Down with work!)

Little Brown Rabbit said...

My goodness have I been snotty too! I keep calling myself a snot monster! lol!

I just watched Sam on the drums and WOW he's a natural!!!