Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Paintings for Lily Moon Show

"too happy" - 5" x 5". My original plans were to paint something similar to an Echinacea flower. I love the way the petals grow downward. They're really beautiful but not as "perky" as most flowers. But once I started painting it took on a life of it's own. But at least you know what my inspiration was.

"can I come home now?" - 5" x 5". The leaves on the tree are metallic copper.

"nice to me" - 5" x 5". The pom poms are lightly "sprinkled" with metallic silver dots.

"with abandon" - 19" x 7" - details and mandalas painted with metallic copper. I started this painting in Los Angeles well over a year ago which explains the title. Once again, this scan is not very good. Something about the wood grain or brush strokes showing through really messes things up. I brought it out and finished it a couple of weeks ago. It was a tough piece to do because it is very glossy (which hurts my eyes after a while) and it was very difficult to get the colors to look accurate on this intense orange. I think that's why I abandoned it in the first place. I'm pleased with the result but man, it took a long time to get there!

All of these paintings will be available online the day of the show at 6:00 p.m. PST. Click here for more info on the show.


Marisa an Creative Thursday said...

Of course! Gorgeous as always!!! love them & miss you too.

jacqueline said...

These are gorgeous! Have a wonderful show! Love to you!

blue moss said...

Love them!! Have a great show!! Michelle

Lori said...

beautiful! Have a great show!

Cathy Nichols Art said...

Melissa! These are wonderful. Truly. They are both beautiful and emotional. "Can I come home now?" and "Nice to Me" are my new favorites.

Gina Lee Kim said...

Hi Melissa! Catching up on visiting blogs I love :). You captured pure joy with these! Congrats on the show. Your work just amazes me. Always inspiring.