Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Blast from the Past

Here we are at the kids' table. Just me & the boys. My wonderful cousins. Counterclockwise from me...Brett, Allen (see previous posts for our stay at his house in WY), David (who tragically died in a car accident at age 24), Francis, and Brian. Love you guys!

I'm in the process of trying to clear off my hard drive (which is now loaded down with thousands of adorable pictures of Sam) and I came across this pic. When my grandma passed away a few years ago my cousin Brett got the picture cube that was always on her end table. This cube was made of plastic and was falling apart and had pretty much the same pics in it for many years. This is one of those pics. This pic was taken at my grandma's house at our annual family Christmas party. I still remember that plaid skirt I was was full length (so 70's) and made of taffeta and had tiny sequins around the hem. I loved it! Unfortunately you can't see my shoes but they were black patent leather with gold buckles on them. So cool. My mom had great taste.

I miss these times. I miss my family and wish that we still lived as close as we used to. Happy Holidays to my amazing family! xoxo

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Terrace Crawford said...

i love throwbacks. ah. memory lane. what a great place.

--Terrace Crawford