Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whew! It's cold here!

Well, it seems that winter has arrived in Asheville. This is our first real winter in a very long time. I find myself thinking "I'll just put on a really thick sweater and I'll be fine" but then I step outside and run back in for my winter coat. Definitely different than the LA winters that we're used to. But the change is nice too. We had snow flurries today and it was really beautiful.

We're slowly but surely settling into our new house. There are still a few boxes to be unpacked but it feels like our home now. And we love it. And we love Asheville. Yay!

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outi harma said...

I just love to see picutres of you life there and Sam...Sam is too cute..I keep saying the same thing but what else you can say!