Thursday, May 15, 2008

Radiohead Music Video Contest

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Tom Bruno, Jr., an animator, asking me if he could use some of my images for a Radiohead video contest. As soon as I saw what he had created I immediately said yes. He did an amazing job making my creatures come to life. He is entering the video in a contest on Aniboom and the winner will be chosen by Radiohead and will receive $10,000 to complete the video. If we win my creatures will really come to life. Click here to view the video and to rate it and add a comment. Voting begins on June 9th so please go to Aniboom and vote for our video. So exciting!


tula said...

wow, melissa! this is the coolest thing i've ever seen. and, radiohead...are you kidding me? how fantastic!! this must be so exciting to see your images move and come to life. i feel another whorange blogpost coming on come june 9th. we must get out the vote!!

Melissa said...

That would be great, Tula! Voting begins on June 9th. I'll send out another email as a reminder.

tarantula said...

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