Friday, April 18, 2008

My Studio on Poppytalk

As part of the Poppytalk Market this month we (the artists) were asked to submit pics of our studio and answer a few questions about our spaces. Click here to see my studio and interview. Click here to see the other artists' spaces.


Joanna Goddard said...

hi there,
i'm from cookie magazine and i'd love to chat w/you about feature your house on our website. could you email me if you're interested? your baby and studio are so cute!
thank you:) joanna
joanna_goddard at yahoo dot com

cathy nichols art said...

This is an adorable picture. I can see the Sam is assisting you in the creative process. And I've seen Cookie Magazine -- I think at my OB Gyn's office. :)

Bijous Whimsy's Blog said...

Hi there, it is just so nice to see photos of artist's workspaces. I really like this photo of yours, it speaks to the young or older woman out there thinking of kids but afraid that it'll affect their careers...that it is all possible for some of us. It certainly looks like you have a good balance of a lovely child/family life and a lovely work/artistic life, congrats. Thanks for sharing. Be Well, Mandy

Nichole Moraila of Mucha Muchacha and The L.A. Craft Mafia said...

I love seeing other artists studios and yours is beautiful. And you baby is even more beautiful!