Thursday, March 13, 2008

3rd Chapter of The Bibilimogs

Well, 8 year old Lily in London has done it again. Here is the latest installment in her book about my creatures (The Bibilimogs). Thank you, Lily.

The Bibilimogs' were very tired because they were trying to find another laughing flower, when Bob remembered the promise they had made, it was to cure and settle the grumpy Bibilimog. "We need to cure the grumpy Bibilimog soon!" he squeaked, "We must" said all the Bibilimogs. So they went to the grumpy Bibilimogs hole, the Bibilimogs live in holes instead of houses. They saw a strange looking Piplokin inside the hole, Piplokins are a type of tall, round white creature. "I have come to fetch him back" said the Piplokin. "But he is a Bibilimog" said Beebee to the Piplokin, "He is a Piplokin who ran away" said the old Piplokin. "Why?" asked Bob, who was interested. "He had no home!" squeaked another Piplokin, she had just come in. "Oh" said Beebee sadly, she was almost in tears. "Can we come to the Piplokin islands?" asked Bob, "Yes, I should think so" said the old Piplokin. So that afternoon they went in a cone train (a cone train is a train made out of a fir cone) "All aboard" shouted Bob, in a second or two they were there " Yey, we have cured him!" cried a tiny Bibilimog, they all ate a small flee fly cake. "Now we all know why he was grumpy" said Bob "he had lost his home!", they were all very happy. Beebee cried again, she wiped her eyes on a soft leaf.

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Darren Daz Cox said...

small flee fly cakes are my favorite desert!

:) nice story!