Monday, February 4, 2008

Chapter 2 - The Grand Potion

Well, my friend Lily in London has written yet another amazing chapter about my little creatures. I love it. Here is the 2nd chapter of the Bibilimogs story by Lily:

The Grand Potion

The Bibilimogs' were getting hungry and they felt very empty (which is very very empty for us). A big crumb of flee fly cake lay on the ground left over from yesterday's lovely meal. "I am hungry" cried Bill looking at an elm leaf ( which is almost the size of a canoe for them), "Look, Bill why should you stand there looking at a leaf?" said Bee Bee sounding like a bird sighing. "Oh, well sorry'" he said uncomfortably {Bee Bee is quite fussy). "We can all fit into that elm leaf" cried a strawberry covered Bibilimog, who probably fell into a half eaten strawberry. "Well, myself and Bob can go at the end" she chirped cheerfully. As she was helping some youngsters step aboard Bob cried out "A laughing flower, I haven't seen one of those in a year!" All the Bibilimogs were terribly excited for a laughing flower was the only flower they could pick properly, it was joyful. Suddenly Bee Bee had an idea, she remembered a very small french witch at her holiday in the Alps and she had seen a couldron with pigs noses soaking in magical water. It was called a witches brew or a potion. "Lets make a potion with the laughing flower!" she cried out, sounding like a lamb. Everyone except the grumpy Bibilimog asked what a potion was and Bee Bee told them, proud to be the only one who really knew but of course she was too happy to notice the grumpy Bibilimog. At twenty eight minutes to six they put their oars down and landed back onto Bibilimog earth and made a cauldron out of twigs, tiny stones and bits of straw, now they made magic water and `I will tell you how, they got a box of dew drops, a pot of mixed lavender, rose and jasmine and tulips and they sang a song round the cauldron it started like this " Wonderful gentle potion please may we succeed in working out this lotion". They sang so much they could not speak. As soon as their tiny clock struck eighteen minutes past seven they began to take sips of the sizzling hot potion and at first they giggled, then a soft laugh broke out and then they squealed with laughter even the grumpy Bibilimog giggled loudly. After that the Bibilimogs had a risty roast, but they did not have flee fly cakes. Only one Bibilimog noticed that the moon winked at them and the stars were smiling and that Bibilimog was Bob, who always looked at the sky when he was happy or sad. Bee Bee cried onto a green blade of grass and it was for the delight of the laughing potion. The grumpy Bibilimog heard the Bibilimogs laughing in their sleep and he found it very annoying.

According to Lily the next chapter is going to called 'The Cure of the Grumpy Bibilimog". Can't wait to read it.

Thanks, Lily!


Anonymous said...

makes me a very proud grandpa!

lily's grandpa

susan said...

You two should get together and write a book/story about the Biblimogs, I have a friend in marketing and she thinks this would sell like wildfire. Well done to you both. Two very talented people indeed!!!!!!