Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Story of the Bibilimogs

My dear cousin Susan (who lives in London) forwarded me a story today that was written by 8 year old Lily, the daughter of her friend Tabitha. The inspiration for the story was my painting "joone". Susan gave them a print of it for Christmas. I love the story so much that I wanted to post it here. Thank you so much, Lily. You are quite a talented writer. And apparently this is only the first chapter. I'm eagerly awaiting the next one.

Here is Lily's story:

What are Bibilimogs?

The Bibilimogs are little creatures with horns, they are also quite colourful,they are very polite (except the grumpy bibilimog), kind and modest. Their leaders are called Bob and Beebee Bibilimog. One day a young Bibilimog suggested 'Can we make flee fly cakes?' Beebee
answered "super idea" she squeaked because she was excited. The flee fly cakes are cakes with cloud fluff in them. So they set off in a cloud catcher. Once or twice they saw a grey cloud and wished it was a white one. Bob was cloud catching and the other Bibilimogs pointed their little feet up to the sun and sang a little song, it started like this "Ta la te tee, sing a song , sing along with me!", they were all so excited they very nearly flew! (but they were a little bit too small). When they got back to Moomin Valley ot Bibilimog earth they made a risty roast, a risty roast is made out of cedar wood and Ila incense (they borrowed it from Tabitha and Susan) a risty roast is a huge candle, they made the flee fly cakes by putting them at the edge of the risty roast. When the little fat flee fly cakes were ready they rose up in to the air and the shimmering sun came out, it was as if it was saying "wondeful flee fly cakes Bibilimogs", all of them tried to catch the biggest fluffiest ones. Beebee was so glad she cried for sheer delight, after the spectacular day they were so sleepy after one second in there little comfy beds they fell asleep.


Cathy Nichols Art said...

Wow! Lily is a very talented writer, and the two of you have made a great collaboration!!

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

so sweet :)